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Afro Model Awards is a modelling awards ceremony that was established in 2011, to reward and recognise the contributions of African and Caribbean models towards the fashion and style industry. The 2012 annual Afro Model Awards ceremony was held at the O2 Indigo, on the 17th of February 2012. Although it was set up to recognise the contributions of the Africans and Caribbeans, participation from other ethnic nationals are also seen.


Afro Model Awards is the first Afro Caribbean specific direct modelling awards ceremony to take a centre stage venue like the O2 indigo and had awards categories like best chest and best behind in a proud support for the Afro Caribbean physique or curve.The event is open to all nationalities but specifically showcase more Afro Caribbean fashion and style categories.


Afro Model Awards have been held at the Lost theatre in 2011, the O2 Indigo in 2012 and in 2013 at the Monarch Hall of the Hilton Metropole Hotel, Edgware Road.


The categories are; Best Newcomer Model, Best Picture, Best Modelling Agency, Best Behind, Best Chest, Best Creativity, Best Afro Media, Best Catwalk Queen and King, Best Triple Threat, Most Beautiful Model.


There have been a lot of Africans and Caribbean supporting the ceremony, as a lot of them argue that their models are not been fully represented in the main stream modelling events like their white counterparts in Europe.[1][edit]

Musicians like Nigerian duo Brackett and Ghanaian Atumpan travelled down to the UK all they way from Africa to attend the 2012 Afro Model Awards Ceremony at the O2 Indigo.


The awards ceremony might start to suffer a few criticisms like what MOBO suffered, on the grounds that critics argues that, it is not fair to create an award that favours only Afro Caribbeans.[citation needed]

The awards ceremony actually accepts all gender and race to participate at the ceremony.


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