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Written by Mitsurō Kubo
Published by Kodansha
Magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine
Original run Apr 6, 2011Apr 9, 2014
Volumes 12
Television drama
Original run summer 2014 – ongoing
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Again!! (アゲイン !!?, Agein!!) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Mitsurō Kubo. It was serialized in 2011 in Weekly Shōnen Magazine published by Kodansha until reaching its conclusion in 2014. It will be adapted into a Japanese television drama series in the summer of 2014.[1]

Plot summary[edit]

Graduating high school senior Imamura Kinichirou is a loner, without friends or social activities. But his isolation is at least in part his own doing, as Imamura has never been friendly himself. When an accidental fall on the day of his high school graduation seems to start him over again on the first day of school three years before, Imamura seizes the chance to do things better, but he doesn't know if it's really happening or he's only dreaming.


Kin'ichirō Imamura (今村金一郎, Imamura Kin'ichirō)

The protagonist of the series. Fujieda accidentally bumped into him in the morning while walking to school and was startled by his appearance. Due to his attitude and appearance, people mistakes him as a delinquent and are afraid of him, so he lives a lonely school life. Upon arriving at school, he was scold by Kitajima, a teacher because of his hair. Annoyed, Imamura tie his hair up and was praised by Kitajima. Apparently, Kitajima remembers when Imamura first came to the school he was a small boy but he has grown a lot and that it's a shame he never joined any club. Kitajima then congratulate him for graduating and that he has done well for the past 3 years.
While he's receiving his graduation certificate, people began talking about him. Imamura then turns around and stare towards the audience. His behavior silenced the audience but not long after he was told to get down from the stage. He remembers three years ago, a girl from the school's ōendan sang the school anthem with a shockingly loud voice. He then visits the club's room at the old school building, only to find that the door is locked. He try to break in into the room by climbing into the room using the windows over the door. Before he gets to enter the room, Fujieda appears and mistakes him for someone else. She misunderstands Imamura for a criminal and run. Imamura run after her, trying to clear the misunderstanding but finds Fujieda at the bottom of the stairs. Seeing blood flows from her head, he rush over to her but slips his steps and fall tragically on top of Fujieda. He experience Again after he fell from the stairs.

Akira Fujieda (藤枝暁, Fujieda Akira)

The girl who mistakes Imamura as her boyfriend, Hiro and accuses him for a criminal when accidentally met him at the old school building. She also experience Again after she falls from the stairs.

Yoshiko Usami (宇佐美良子, Usami Yoshiko)

The Kabosu Minami ōendan's captain who Imamura saw during the high school's entrance ceremony. She is a strong-willed girl with a stubborn attitude when it comes to everything related to the ōendan. The only member of the club before Imamura helps her gather the old members in the Again world. She greets Imamura upon seeing him during the club member scouting time and immediately accepts his entry as the club member.

Tamaki Abe (安倍珠貴, Abe Tamaki)

The Kabosu Minami cheerleading club's leader who greatly despise Kabosu Minami's ōendan.

Kitajima (北島, Kitajima)

A teacher at Kabosu Minami High School. He is the school's guidance counselor and the ōendan's advisor. According to Imamura, he is not strict as he looks once you know him.