Agapetus of the Kiev Caves

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Agapetus of the Kiev Caves
Agapetus Pechorskiy.jpg
Forensic facial reconstruction by S.A. Nikitin (1986)
Born Kiev
Died June 1, 1095
Honored in Orthodox Christianity
Feast 14 June (1 June by Julian calendar), 28 September

Agapetus of the Kiev Caves or Agapetus of Pechersk (Агапит Печерский in Russian, Агапіт Печерський in Ukrainian)(born ?? - died 1095[1]), was an Orthodox Christian saint and doctor, monk of Kiev Pechersk Lavra. He was born in Kiev and was later taught and admitted to monastic vows by Saint Anthony of Kiev. Agapetus was known for his free of charge medical services for poor people.

He also healed grand prince Vladimir II Monomakh.

There are several churches in Ukraine and Russia, which bear the name of the saint.[2] The relics of Saint Agapetus are stored in Near Caves of Kiev Pechersk Lavra.

The day of Saint Agapetus of Pechersk is observed by Orthodox Churches on 14 June (1 June by Julian calendar) and 28 September (commemoration of Kiev Pechersk Lavra Near Caves venerable saints).


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