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Agata Gotova , born October 14, 1971, began her career as a Child actor in the former Soviet Union's version of The Mickey Mouse Club, the morning show, Budilnik (1987).[1]

She spent her childhood touring The former Soviet Union, performing as part of the famous children's dance troupe, Kalinka, and headlined the troupe's 1989 film, Kalinka (1989).[2] As a teenager, she substituted for a friend's role in the theater, on satirist Mikhail Jevanetsky's Political Cabaret, after which she moved to France.

After immigrating to the United States, in 1996, where she lived until 2010, she worked on a pilot for Russian Television which focused on celebrity interviews and events. This evolved into the 1999 celebrity interview program, Faces and Names,[3] which ran in syndication throughout the United States for two years, and eventually the award winning series, Autograph.[4] After Autograph, she played the lead female role in the independent film, Say it in Russian,[5]


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