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Satellite picture showing the atolls of the Lakshadweep except for Minicoy
Agatti is located in India
Location of Agatti Island in the Indian Ocean
Agatti island, Lakshadweep.

Agatti Island (Malayalam: അഗത്തി ദ്വീപ്), also known as Agathy, is a 5.6 km long island, situated on a coral atoll in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep, India. It is located about 459 km (285 mi) off Kochi in the mainland and 7 km to the southwest of Bangaram, the nearest island. Kavaratti, the closest inhabited island, lies 54 km to the SE and the uninhabited Suheli Par atoll 76 km to the south. Agatti's total land area is approximately 2.7 km² (1 sq mi). The small island of Kalpati is located at the southern end on the same reef.[1]


Its population as per the last census in 2001 was 5,667 and at present time its above 8,000,[citation needed] all of the inhabitants are of Muslim,[citation needed] religion which is said to have been brought by Arab traveller Ibn Batuta. Most people speak Malayalam and English. Agatti has its own 100 kW power house which uses fuel to generate electricity. There is a Sea Water Desalination unit which provides desalinated water to the islanders.

Access by sea requires a 24 hour journey by ship; flight time from Kochi is 75 minutes.[citation needed] Agatti Aerodrome is the only airport in Lakshadweep. Indian Airlines and Kingfisher Airlines operate daily ATR 42 and ATR 72 flights respectively from Kochi except Sunday.[2] The Government has recently terminated Kingfisher Airlines flying permits, which means it is now not permitted to fly domestically or internationally.


Agatti is one of the Lakshadweep islands open to tourism. Visitors, however, are allowed to the Island under certain restrictions. They are required to obtain Entry Permit from the Lakshadweep Administration for entering or visiting the island. Entry Permit is issued based on the visitor having a confirmed place to stay. There are only two hotels or resorts in Agatti: Agatti Island Beach Resort (AIBER) and the other is Sea Shells Beach Resort.[citation needed] A road runs through the island, which can be best enjoyed by hiring a bicycle available at many places.


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Coordinates: 10°50′N 72°12′E / 10.833°N 72.200°E / 10.833; 72.200