Age of Reptiles (comics)

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Front cover of Tribal Warfare.
Front cover of The Hunt.

Age of Reptiles is a comic published by Dark Horse Comics, created by Ricardo Delgado, a film and comic book artist that has worked on such films as The Incredibles, Men in Black and Apollo 13.[1]

The series originally consisted of two comics, which are set in the Mesozoic era: Tribal Warfare, from 1993, and The Hunt, from 1997. Both are very violent stories about the daily lives of carnivorous dinosaurs. A third series, The Journey, began on November 4, 2009.

The books have received Eisner awards for Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition and Best Limited Series.

Tribal Warfare[edit]

A pack of Deinonychus get revenge on Blue Back, a Tyrannosaurus who stole their well earned meal, by stealing all of his families eggs but one.

The story can best be described as a sort of "gang-war" between the two species, and while many of the animals depicted in Delgado's story did not exist at the same time period or place, their inclusion was added for familiarity and dramatic effect.

The Hunt[edit]

After a mother Allosaurus is killed by a pack of Ceratosaurs, they begin to chase her son. Eventually, the son grows up and takes his revenge.

The second book is more of a tale of revenge, but features a similar "species vs. species" rivalry. It is noticeably less violent than the first book, featuring a comparatively small amount of gore.

The Journey[edit]

The Journey was published in 2009-10. It tells the sprawling migration of a herd of dinosaurs.

The Body[edit]

The Body, an eight page short story, was published in Dark Horse Presents #5. It concerns what happens to a dinosaur's body after it dies.

Ancient Egyptians[edit]

Ancient Egyptians is set in prehistoric Africa. It features Spinosaurus as the protagonist, and the first installment will come out June 3rd.