Age of the Fifth Sun

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Age of the Fifth Sun
Studio album by God Is An Astronaut
Released May 17, 2010
Genre Post-rock, dark ambient, ambient, electronica
Length 47:09
Label Revive Records
God Is An Astronaut chronology
God Is An Astronaut
Age Of The Fifth Sun

Age Of The Fifth Sun is the fifth studio album by Irish post-rock band God Is an Astronaut.[1][2] The single "In The Distance Fading" was released on February 12, 2010.[3][4] The album itself was available for pre-order from April 16, 2010 and released on May 17, 2010.[5] The album art is an original painting by Dave King.[4]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Worlds in Collision"   7:39
2. "In the Distance Fading"   4:31
3. "Lost Kingdom"   5:23
4. "Golden Sky"   6:33
5. "Dark Rift"   5:08
6. "Parallel Highway"   3:56
7. "Shining Through"   5:08
8. "Age of the Fifth Sun"   6:28
9. "Paradise Remains"   2:25