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Agent Video Intelligence
Type Privately held company

Agent Vi (Agent Video Intelligence), previously known as Aspectus Video Intelligence [1] is a Video Analytics software company that aims to transform traditional surveillance systems into intelligent tools that can detect and analyze events involving people, objects and vehicles. Agent Vi’s solutions are meant to enable real-time detection and alerts, as well as forensic search and statistical analysis. Agent Vi is focused on introducing its technology to multiple markets including security, safety and business intelligence.


Agent Vi’s solutions include Vi-System for real-time analysis of video surveillance networks and Vi-Search for post-event retrieval and analysis. Agent Vi uses a patented technology called Image Processing over IP (IPoIP) which distributes the video analysis task between a first stage which is performed inside the IP camera and a second stage which is performed at the server.[2] Agent Vi claims that this allows a single server to analyze hundreds of cameras while providing a higher probability of detection (POD) and lower false alarm rates (FAR) for a variety of video analytics tasks.


Vi-System is Agent Vi's original product and is meant to perform real-time analysis of the video stream, by identifying and generating alerts for a variety of user-defined events relating to people, vehicles and objects. The company claims that Vi-System offers effective monitoring of multiple video sources in parallel, enabling automatic detections, alerts and responses to events, as they occur.


Vi-Search, is Agent Vi's latest offering and purportedly enables rapid and effective retrieval and presentation of specific video segments, events and data from large amounts of recorded video. The software is meant to analyze the video stream, generate metadata describing the scene content, and allow for later retrieval and analysis of the video through an automatic search within the stored metadata.

Integration Partners[edit]

Agent Vi claims their open architecture solutions can be seamlessly integrated with a wide range of market-leading edge devices and video management systems, in both new and existing surveillance networks. Some of the edge device and video management system vendors whose products are integrated with Agent Vi include Axis Communications, Cisco, COE, DVTel, EVT, Genetec, IQinVision, LenSec, MangoDSP, Milestone, OnSSI, Proximex, Rontal, Salient Systems, Sony, Verint, Vicon, Vigilant, Vivotek, and others.

Industries served[edit]

Agent Vi’s products are deployed in multiple industries such as Mass Transportation Hubs, City Surveillance, Critical Infrastructure, Government & Military Facilities, Highway Surveillance, and Retail environments.


Applications for Vi-System[edit]

Applications for Vi-Systems include Security and Perimeter Protection, Safety, Traffic Monitoring, Asset Protection and Business Intelligence.

Applications for Vi-Search[edit]

The market for video analytics in search and investigation is growing, with increased applications for Vi-Search in the areas of Business Intelligence, Operational Efficiency, Forensic Analysis, as well as Time-Critical Security and Law Enforcement Operations.


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