Agent Vinod (1977 film)

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Agent Vinod
Agent Vinod.jpg
Directed by Deepak Bahry
Produced by Tarachand Barjatya
Written by Khalid-Narvi-Girish
Starring Mahendra Sandhu
Nazir Hussain
Music by Raam Laxman
Cinematography Arvind Laad
Edited by Mukhtar Ahmed
Distributed by Rajshri Productions
Release dates
  • July 23, 1977 (1977-07-23)
Country India
Language Hindi

Agent Vinod is a 1977 Hindi action Spy film directed by Deepak Bahry. The film stars Mahendra Sandhu as a dashing Indian secret agent and Jagdeep as a comic side-kick. This movie turned out to be a surprise hit.


The kidnapping of a prominent scientist, Ajay Saxena (Nazir Hussain) prompts the Chief of Secret Services (K.N. Singh) to assign flamboyant Agent Vinod (Mahendra Sandhu) to this case. While on this assignment, Vinod meets with Ajay's daughter, Anju (Asha Sachdev), who insists on assisting him. The duo are then further assisted by Chandu 'James Bond' (Jagdeep) and his gypsy girlfriend (Jayshree T.). The two couples will soon have numerous challenges thrust on them, and will realize that their task is not only very difficult but also life threatening.



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