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Country of origin Italy: Campania
Use Dairy
Weight Male: 650 kg
  Female: 450 kg
Coat Cows brown, bulls almost black; both with pale dorsal stripe
Bos primigenius

The Agerolese is a breed of dairy cattle from the area of Agerola, Italy and is particularly associated with the Monti Lattari.[1] It derives from cross-breeding of indigenous Podolica cattle with Italian Holstein-Friesian, Bruna Italiana and Jersey cattle. It is one of the sixteen minor Italian cattle breeds of limited diffusion recognised and protected by the Ministero delle Politiche Agricole Alimentari e Forestali, the Italian ministry of agriculture.[2]


Agerolese cows are brown, and bulls almost black; both have a pale dorsal stripe. The muzzle is dark, the horns are of medium size.[1][2]

Height at the withers averages 135 cm for males, 125 cm for females; average weight is 650 kg for bulls, 450 kg for cows.[3]

At the end of 2011 a total population of 1092 head was reported, including 9 breeding bulls and 234 breeding cows.[3]

Milk produced by Agerolese cattle is used in the production of Italian cheeses such as Fior di Latte and Provolone del Monaco.[citation needed]


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