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This article is about the Papuan language. For the Australian language, see Aghu Tharrnggala (linguistics).
Region Papua, Indonesia
Native speakers
unknown (14,000 cited 1987–2002)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Variously:
ahh – Aghu
awv – Jair (Kia)
yir – North Awyu
awu – Central Awyu

Aghu, also known as Awyu or Djair (Dyair, Jair, Yair), is a Papuan language of Papua, Indonesia.

Ethnologue assigns separate ISO codes for Aghu/Jair, Jair, North Awyu/Jair, and Central Awyu. However, these have not been attested as separate languages (U. Amsterdam), and it is not clear that all correspond to Aghu.


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