Agia Sofia, Patras

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Agia Sofia (Greek: Αγία Σοφία) is a neighbourhood in the north central part of the city of Patras, Greece. It takes its name from the Agia Sofia church, which is the main church of the neighbourhood. The centre of the neighbourhood is formed by Nikis Square, at the intersection of Agias Sofias Street and Konstantinoupoleos Street. Agia Sofia lies directly to the north of Patras city centre, near the sea side. Several important roads, including Greek National Road 8 (Corinth - Patras), pass through Agia Sofia. The Piraeus–Patras railway passes through the western part.

Main streets[edit]

  • Agias Sofias Street
  • Athinon Street
  • Ellinos Stratiotou Street
  • Iroon Polytechneiou Street
  • Konstantinoupoleos Street
  • Korinthou Street
  • Navmachias Ellis Street
  • Pente Pigadion Street
  • Zakynthou Street

Coordinates: 38°15′25″N 21°44′35″E / 38.257°N 21.743°E / 38.257; 21.743