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Theodelinda (c. 570–628), the daughter of Garibald I, fresco by Zavattari

The Agilolfings were a family of either Frankish or Bavarian nobility that ruled the Duchy of Bavaria on behalf of their Merovingian suzerains from about 550 until 788. Named after Agilulf, a semi-legendary prince of the Germanic Suebi tribe and descendant of King Hermeric of Galicia, the first duke of their line mentioned in any documents, and probably the first, was Garibald I (Gariwald). A cadet branch of the Agilolfings also ruled the Kingdom of the Lombards intermittently from 616 to 712.

The Lex Baiuvariorum issued about 743 denoted them as the leading dynasty, enthroned by the Merovingian kings of the Franks. Their Bavarian residence was at Regensburg. As they had their fate intertwined with the Merovingian dynasty, they opposed the rise of the Carolingian majordomos, who finally deprived the Agilolfings of their power.

Rulers of Bavaria[edit]

Rulers of Italy[edit]

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At the Austrasian court[edit]


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