Agios Kosmas

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Agios Kosmas
Άγιος Κοσμάς
Agios Kosmas is located in Greece
Agios Kosmas
Agios Kosmas
Coordinates 40°9.1′N 21°15′E / 40.1517°N 21.250°E / 40.1517; 21.250Coordinates: 40°9.1′N 21°15′E / 40.1517°N 21.250°E / 40.1517; 21.250
Country: Greece
Administrative region: West Macedonia
Regional unit: Grevena
Municipality: Grevena
Population statistics (as of 2011)[1]
 - Population: 49
Municipal unit
 - Population: 870
 - Area: 115.087 km2 (44 sq mi)
 - Density: 8 /km2 (20 /sq mi)
 - Population: 75
 - Area: 9.496 km2 (4 sq mi)
 - Density: 8 /km2 (20 /sq mi)
Time zone: EET/EEST (UTC+2/3)
Elevation (min-max): 920–960 m ­(3018–3150 ft)
Postal code: 511 00
Telephone: +30-2462-xxx-xxx
Auto: PNx-xxxx

Agios Kosmas (Greek: Άγιος Κοσμάς, also Κοσμάς ο Αιτωλός - Kosmas o Aitolos) is a village, a community and a municipal unit of the Grevena municipality.[1] Before the 2011 local government reform it was an independent municipality.[2][3] The seat of the municipality was in Megaro. The 2011 census recorded 49 residents in the village, 75 residents in the community and 870 residents in the municipal unit.[1] The community of Agios Kosmas covers an area of 9.496 km2 while the municipal unit covers an area of 115.087 km2.[3] The village is named after the 18th-century saint Cosmas the Aetolian.

Administrative division[edit]

The municipal unit of Agios Kosmas consists of nine communities: Agios Kosmas, Dasyllio, Kalirachi, Kalloni, Kydonies, Kyparissi, Megaro, Oropedio and Trikorfo.

The community of Agios Kosmas consists of three settlements: Agios Kosmas, Ano Ekklisia and Ekklisia.


According to the 2011 census, the population of the municipal unit of Agios Kosmas was 870 people, a decrease of almost 49% compared to the previous census of 2001.[1][4]

Year Population
2001[4] 1,792
2011[1] 870

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