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For the 2014 film, see Agnee (2014 film). For the 1988 film, see Agnee (1988 film).

Agnee is an Indian rock band based in Pune. The band's debut album "Agnee" was released on 15 May 2007. Since then, they have released several singles and used an Internet-based free distribution model to gather a large following in the rock music circuit in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and Ahmedabad. The band continues to extend its reach across India through their 'Create with Agnee' venture in collaboration with Radio Mirchi.[1]


The word agnee comes from the word agni in Sanskrit for "fire" (noun), cognate with Latin ignis (the root of English ignite), Russian ogon (fire), spelled agon and ogni, spelled agni (fires).


Agnee was formed in 2006 and soon signed by Sony BMG. Agnee is one of very few Indian rock bands to have signed a major label record deal.[2][3] The band consists of Koco, lead guitarist, Mohan, lead vocalist. Their music contains strong Carnatic and Hindustani classical influences that are popular among the fans.


Agnee's music is a collective of individual styles of composing and performing: Koco with his Classic rock, Pop and Indian influences and Mohan with his Carnatic and Hindustani classical influences.

Agnee's music showcases all of the above and the compositions in the first album vary in style accordingly. The songs move in genre from Folk rock and Pop-Rock to straight up Pop, and incorporate elements of Funk, Jazz and Carnatic music as well.

The Band will soon make its Bollywood debut with Deepak Tijori's next project 'Rockin Love'. The band will not only compose music for the film but will also have some of the band members act in it.[4]


  • Kannan Mohan – Vocals.
  • Kaustubh Dhavale – Guitars
  • Hrushikesh Datar – Drums and Percussion
  • Among Jamir- Bass
  • Aditya Pushkarna – keyboard

Off-stage members-

  • Emmanuelle De Decker – Manager
  • Pradeep Ratanjankar – Music / Guitar technician
  • Nitin Joshi – Sound Engineer
  • Harshavardhan Pathak – Light Engineer
  • Mitit Adhikari – Mix and Master
  • Shellee –

Influenced by classic rock bands like Sting, Dave Matthews band, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple.


  • 2007 – Agnee
  • 2012 – AALAAP
  • 15 May 2012 (scheduled release) – Create with Agnee


  • Sadho re
  • Kabira
  • Shaam tanha
  • Ujale Baaz
  • Raanjhan Yaar Di ( Splitsvilla Season 3 theme song)
  • Aalaap's PA PARAA PAA


  • Sadho re – this is one of the mystic songs of Saint Kabir.[5]
  • Kabira
  • Shaam Tanha
  • Ujale Baaz
  • Karvan
  • Keh lene do
  • Kuch Ankahee
  • The Roadies Song – Inspired by popular demand on an Orkut message board.[5]
  • Splitsvilla Season 2 theme song. ( A.k.a. The Love song)
  • Lamha yeh jayega kahan – A slightly moving number from the movie Dil Dosti Etc.[6]
  • Khanabadosh – A typical rock number from the movie London Dreams sung by Mohan.
  • Splitsvilla Season 3 theme song. (A.k.a. Raanjhan Yaar Di)
  • Aahatein - Splitsvilla Season 4 theme song; One of the most popular songs composed by the band
  • Aankhein Teri Ho Ya Meri Ho - Splitsvilla 5 Theme Song
  • Kaise Ho Tum ( Male and female versions) – A recently released single from agnee featuring Mohan and upcoming playback singer Shilpa Rao in individual numbers.
  • Jee Lay Abhi – Another single from agnee sung by Mohan and popular Viva girl Anushka Manchanda
  • Naav Chadti – An excellent number in the semi-rock genre for the movie Udaan sung by Mohan, the lead singer of agnee.
  • I Believe[7] – An experiment in fusion from Season 1 of The Dewarists, a series presented in part documentary, part travelogue format. This was sung in collaboration with Parikrama and Shilpa Rao
  • Sadaa – An excellent number in the classical genre based on raag Gujari Todi for the movie Shaala sung by Mohan, the lead singer of agnee. It also has a female version
  • Hello Andhero – For the Hindi Dubbed Version of Avengers The Movie
  • Reveal Yourself – A soulful track for the marketing campaign of B'lue
  • Yaariyan - A track from the movie Cocktail, Sung by Mohan
  • Silsila – Roadies X theme song
  • Barbaadi – Sung by Mohan for the movie Aurangzeb
  • Lootera -Shikayatein (Mohan Kannan, Amitabh Bhattacharya)
  • Kinare -Queen (Mohan Kannan)
  • Chaandaniya – 2 States[9] (Mohan Kannan)
  • Theme song for India's Got Talent
  • Sakhi Saiyyan - Title song for the TV serial Gustakh Dil
  • bhoy dekhash na please- said to be one of the best bangla songs ever made



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