Agnes Claypole Moody

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Agnes Mary Claypole Moody
Agnes Claypole Moody.jpg
Born (1870-01-01)January 1, 1870
Bristol, England
Died 1954 (aged 83–84)
Nationality English
Fields Zoology
Alma mater Buchtel College (1892), Cornell University (M.S., 1894)
Spouse Dr. Robert Moody

Agnes Mary Claypole Moody (1870 - 1954) was an American zoologist and professor of natural science.


Agnes was born in Bristol, England to Jane (Trotter) and Edward Walker Claypole. She had a twin sister, Edith Jane Claypole (1870-1915), who was also a biologist.[1] Agnes attended Buchtel College, and in 1894 she attended Cornell University for her master's degree. She attained her Ph. D in Chicago University in 1896.[2]


For her Master's of Science thesis, Agnes studied the digestive tract of eels.[3] Agnes worked in various positions at Throop College, (now California Institute of Technology) including: Instructor in Zoology, and Professor of Natural Science and Curator (1903-4).[3]


Agnes is the first woman appointed to a teaching position in the Medical Department of Cornell University.[4]


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