Agnes of Aquitaine, Queen of Aragon and Navarre

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Agnes of Aquitaine (end of 1072 – 6 June 1097) was a daughter of William VIII, Duke of Aquitaine and his third wife Hildegarde of Burgundy, and thus half-sister of Agnes of Aquitaine, Queen of Castile, with whom she is sometimes confused.

In 1081, Agnes was betrothed to Peter I of Aragon and Navarre.[1] During 1086 in Jaca the couple married, and upon Peter's succession, Agnes became queen consort of Aragon and Navarre. By him, Agnes had two children, both of whom predeceased their father:

  • Peter of Aragon (died 1103)
  • Isabella of Aragon (died 1104)

Agnes died in 1097, and her husband remarried to a woman named Bertha.


Agnes of Aquitaine, Queen of Aragon and Navarre
Born: circa 1072 Died: 6 June 1097
Royal titles
Preceded by
Felicia of Roucy
Queen consort of Aragon
Succeeded by
Queen consort of Navarre