Agreement for the New Greece

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Agreement for the New Greece
Συμφωνία για τη Νέα Ελλάδα
Leader Andreas Loverdos
Founded 15 April 2013
Preceded by RIKSSY
Ideology Social democracy
Social liberalism
Political position Centre-left
National affiliation Olive Tree
2 / 300
European Parliament
0 / 22
Politics of Greece
Political parties

Agreement for the New Greece (Greek: Συμφωνία για τη Νέα Ελλάδα) is a social-democratic political party in Greece, established on 15 April 2013. It was formed by former PASOK health minister Andreas Loverdos and former members of RIKSSY.[1] It was also supported by Christos Aidonis, an independent MP (former member of PASOK) and Dimitris Tsironis (ex-MP for Arta). The party supports the idea of the Fourth Hellenic Republic.

The Agreement for the New Greece contested the 2014 European election as part of the PASOK-led Olive Tree electoral alliance.[2]

On 22 August 2014, A. Loverdos returned to the PASOK MG.[3][4]


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