Agriculture and Food Agency

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Coordinates: 25°02′35″N 121°31′37″E / 25.043029°N 121.526960°E / 25.043029; 121.526960

Agriculture and Food Agency

Agency overview
Jurisdiction  Republic of China
Headquarters Zhongzheng, Taipei
Agency executive Li Tsang-lang, Director
Parent agency Council of Agriculture

The Agriculture and Food Agency (AFA; Chinese: 行政院農業委員會農糧署; pinyin: Xíngzhèngyuàn Nóngyè Wěiyuánhuì Nóngliángshǔ) is the agency of the Council of Agriculture of the Republic of China.

Organizational structure[edit]

Operational divisions[edit]

  • Planning Division
  • Crop Production Division
  • Farm Chemicals and Machinery Division
  • Marketing and Processing Division
  • Food Industry Division
  • Food Warehousing and Transportation Division

Administrative divisions[edit]

  • Secretariat
  • Civil Service Ethics Office
  • Statistics Office
  • Accounting Office
  • Personnel Office[1]


List of Directors[edit]


The agency is accessible within walking distance East from Shandao Temple Station of Taipei Metro.

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