Aguadulce, Coclé

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Aguadulce is located in Panama
Coordinates: 8°14′24″N 80°32′24″W / 8.24000°N 80.54000°W / 8.24000; -80.54000Coordinates: 8°14′24″N 80°32′24″W / 8.24000°N 80.54000°W / 8.24000; -80.54000
Country Panama
Province Coclé Province
District Aguadulce District
Population (2008)
 • Total 19,156

Aguadulce is an agricultural city in the Coclé province in Panama. It is the capital of Aguadulce District and it is located on the Pan-American Highway, near but not on the coast on the Bahia de Parita. The name means literally "sweet water," but more precisely is "fresh" (as opposed to salt) water.


Most of the land near Aguadulce is dedicated to agricultural use, much of it to the cultivation of the Sugar cane. An important industry is the production of salt through evaporation of sea water. The water is allowed to enter fields at high tide; its exit is then blocked, and evaporation caused by the sun leaves sea salt, which is then gathered and packaged. The town has a "Museum of Salt and Sugar" ("Museo de la sal y el azúcar").

Important figures[edit]

Aguadulce is the birthplace of major league baseball players Carlos Lee, Davis Romero and also the already retired Juan Berenguer.


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