Aguas Calientes (Jujuy)

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Aguas Calientes (Jujuy)
Municipality and town
Departamento El Carmen (Jujuy - Argentina).png
Country  Argentina
Province Jujuy Province
Population (2001)
 • Total 3,436
Area code(s) 0388

Aguas Calientes (Jujuy) is a town and municipality in Jujuy Province in Argentina.[1]


Aguas Calientes is located at 567 meters above sea level and 60 km south of San Salvador de Jujuy.


Aguas Calientes (Jujuy) has a sedimentary Paleozoic "base", appearing through tecto-erosive vents. They form the core of the mountains, intermittently overlying a Meso-Cenozoic sedimentary cover. This sedimentary complex evolved in successive cycles, mostly marine. "Yacoraite formation" minerals are made up of dolomitic, travertine and argonite limestones.


Coordinates: 24°35′00″S 64°55′30″W / 24.58333°S 64.92500°W / -24.58333; -64.92500