Aguas Calientes (volcano)

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Aguas Calientes
Laguna lejia.jpg
Centre, from left to right: Lascar, Aguas Calientes and Acamarachi.
Elevation 5,924 m (19,436 ft)
Location Chile
Range Andes
Coordinates 23°22′S 67°41′W / 23.37°S 67.68°W / -23.37; -67.68Coordinates: 23°22′S 67°41′W / 23.37°S 67.68°W / -23.37; -67.68
Type Stratovolcano

Aguas Calientes Volcano or Cerro Aguas Calientes, also called Simbad, is a cone-shaped stratovolcano located 5 kilometres (3 mi) east of the Lascar volcano and directly north of Laguna Lejía, in Chile's II Region (Antofagasta). Also in the area are the volcanoes Acamarachi and Chiliques.

A small crater lake is found within the Aguas Calientes summit crater, making it one of the highest lakes in the world.[1] The crater lake is tinged red, due to the presence of large populations of microorganisms.[2]

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