Aharon Razin

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Aharon Razin
Born (1935-04-06) April 6, 1935 (age 79)
Tel Aviv, British Palestine
Nationality Israeli
Fields Biochemistry, molecular biology
Institutions Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Alma mater Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Notable awards Wolf Prize in Medicine (2008)
Israel Prize (2004)

Aharon Razin (Hebrew: אהרון רזין) (born April 6, 1935[1]) is an Israeli biochemist.


In 2004, Razin was awarded the Israel Prize, for biochemistry.[2][3]

In 2008, he was awarded the Wolf Prize in Medicine, jointly with Howard Cedar, for "their fundamental contributions to our understanding of the role of DNA methylation in the control of gene expression."[4]

In 2011 he received the Canada Gairdner Award from the Gairdner Foundation, together with Howard Cedar and Adrian Peter Bird, for their "pioneering discoveries on DNA methylation and its role in gene expression."

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