Ahkal Mo' Naab' I

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Ahkal Mo' Naab' I
Ajaw of Palenque
Glifo Ahkal Mo' Naab I en tablero del Templo XVII.jpg
Glyph of Ahkal Mo' Naab' I at Temple XVII Tablet
Reign June 5, 501 – December 1, 524
Predecessor B'utz Aj Sak Chiik
Successor Interregnum, title next held by K'an Joy Chitam I (529)
Born (465-07-05)July 5, 465
Died December 1, 524(524-12-01) (aged 59)

Ahkal Mo' Naab' I (July 5, 465 – December 1, 524), also known as Cauac-uinal I, was a ruler of the Maya city of Palenque. He ruled from June 5, 501 AD to his death.


Ahkal Mo' Naab' I is the earliest recorded ruler of Palenque whose exact dates of birth, accession and death have been verified.[1] He was possibly the younger brother of his immediate predecessor, B'utz Aj Sak Chiik.[2]

For unknown reasons Ahkal Mo' Naab' is mentioned several times in official narratives left by Pacal the Great, who ruled Palenque a century later. It is believed Pacal considered Ahkal Mo' Naab' I a particularly important historical figure or his ancestor.[3]


Preceded by
B'utz Aj Sak Chiik
King of Palenque
June 5, 501 – December 1, 524
Succeeded by
title next held by K'an Joy Chitam I (529)

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