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Ahmad Nadjafi Shoushtari (Persian: احمد نجفی شوشتری‎, born in 1948 in Khorramshahr, Iran) is an Iranian actor and producer. He has a B.A. in Economics from the Woodbury University in Burbank, California. In 1976, he entered cinema by assisting Massoud Kimiayee in Ghazal. In 1976, he founded a movie distributing company in U.S., and he was the vice-president of IRIB2, distributing manager of "Tel film". He was also the chairman of IRIB in America and the vice-president of "free film making" (Kargah Aazaad Filmsazi) studio; he has also founded "7th art" studio.

His Works[edit]

  • The Twelve Seats, 2011 Director: Esmael Barari
  • Hot Chair, 2005-2006.
  • Another place, 2002 [Director: Mehdi Karampour]
  • Light Shadow, 2001 [Director: Hassan Hedayat]
  • Killing Mad Dogs, 2000 [Director: Bahram Beyzayee]
  • The voice of love, 2000 [Director: Reza Shalchi]
  • Help me, 1997 [Director: Rasul Molagholipour]
  • Higher than Danger, 1996 [Director: Saeed Aalamzadeh]
  • Box Hotel, 1996 [Director: Cyrus Alvand]
  • Sand Storm, 1996 [Director: Djavad shaMaghadri]
  • Workshop(series), 1995 [Director: Hassan Hedayat]
  • The Last Harbour, 1994 [Director: Hassan Hedayat]
  • Fugitive, 1993 [Director: Rasul Molagholipour]
  • Tavarish, 1993 [Director: Mehdi Fakhimzadeh]
  • Crash, 1991 [Director: Cyrus Alvand]
  • Cop, 1990 [Director: Masoud Kimiay]
  • Snake Fang, 1990 [Director: Masoud Kimiay]

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