Ahmad al-Ghashmi

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Ahmad bin Hussein al-Ghashmi (1938 – June 24, 1978) [1] (Arabic: أحمد حسين الغشمي‎) was the President of the Yemen Arab Republic from 11 October 1977 until his death eight months later. Al-Ghashmi assumed power when his predecessor, Ibrahim al-Hamdi, was assassinated. Ghashmi himself was assassinated later. His assassination occurred when he was meeting an envoy sent by People's Democratic Republic of Yemen President Salim Ali Rubai and a briefcase, reportedly containing a secret message, exploded, killing both al-Ghashmi and the envoy. It is not conclusively known who set off the explosion. Coincidentally, Rubai died in a coup three days after this event.


Preceded by
Ibrahim al-Hamdi
President of North Yemen
Succeeded by
Abdul Karim Abdullah al-Arashi