Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Tha'labi

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For other people named Thalabi, see Thalabi (name).
Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Thalabi
Died AH 427 (1035/1036)
Era Medieval era
School Shafi'i

Abu Ishaq Ahmad Ibn Muhammed Ibn Ibrahim Al-Thalabi (Arabic: أبو اسحاق أحمد بن محمد بن ابراهيم الثعلبي‎) was an 11th-century Islamic scholar.

He was awarded a high rank by the Sunni scholars. In Tabaqat al-Kubra of Volume 3 page 23 the appraisal of Thalabi is as follows:

Allamah Thalabi was the greatest scholar of his time with regards to knowledge of the Quran and Imam of Ahl'ul Sunnah, Abu Qasim al Qurshree commented " I saw Allah in a dream, I was conversing with Him and vice verse, during our conversation, Allah said ' a pious man is coming, I looked and Ahmad bin Thalabi was coming towards us."


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