Ahmed El Bayed

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Ahmed El Bayed
أحمد البايض
Ahmed El Bayed1.JPG
Illusionist Ahmed El Bayed on his Stage in Al Shallal Amusement Park, Jeddah, 2008.
Born (1978-01-03) January 3, 1978 (age 37)
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Occupation illusionist, producer, Mentalist, stunt performer

Ahmed Saleh El Bayed (Arabic: أحمد البايض‎; born January 3, 1978) is a Saudi Arabian illusionist.[1][2] He is best known for his combination of fear and story in his illusions.[3]

Early years[edit]

Ahmed El Bayed was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to Muslim parents. His mother, who was born in Beirut, Lebanon, used to be an article writer in many national newspapers, and his father, Saleh El Bayed, a Saudi business man, owns many agencies like the agency of Swarovski Crystals in Saudi Arabia. Ahmed was raised in Jeddah, with one brother, Hamza, and two sisters, Reem and Dina. Ahmed started his passion with magic and illusions at the age of 5, when his grandfather taught him a small trick. Then when he was 11, his father taught him self-independence by sending him to study in the International School of Choueifat in Bath, Somerset. He then moved to Dover College at the age of 12. At these years, he taught himself magics and done some card manipulation at school. During his high school life, he used to do many private and public shows.[4][5] He then moved to Los Angeles to complete his studies. In 2011, Ahmed participated in the competition of Arabs' Got Talent.

Career and business life[edit]

In 2003, Ahmed El Bayed moved to Saudi Arabia, With the goal of being the first Arabic illusionist to ever bring this art at a high level to the Middle East, and he succeeded in becoming and being labeled as the Middle East Pioneer illusionist in all Newspapers and Arabic TV stations. Ahmed still continued his passion and goals despite all the risks and troubles he faced. Ahmed’s art is considered illusions and has nothing to do with sorcery or Black Magic, and he made that clear to everyone through his interviews. Ahmed started his public shows in 2004 by opening the first theater in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in Al-Shallal resort, where his show was held until 2008 where the Saudi Islamic authorities banned his shows from the public because it was too much for people to grasp.[6][7]

International shows[edit]

El Bayed also did so many shows in United Kingdom, United States, France, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Dubai, Bahrain, even in Afghanistan,[8] while all these shows runs, Ahmed did not forget the charity and orphan organizations from his free shows and his income.[9] Ahmed also conducted some courses in memory development and memorizing, activate memory muscles, and decision making for managers.[10]

First TV show[edit]

In 2006 El Bayed made a TV street magic show in collaborative with Future Television at the “Mishoshow” with Michel Azzi,[11] he also had some TV interviews and shows in MBC 1, CNBC Arabiya. Rotana, and Dubai TV.

Habibi café[edit]

Ahmed El Bayed was the owner of "Habibi café" in Jeddah, it was open to other talented magicians who used to perform some of their tricks, Ahmed used to teach the audience some of his sleight of hand tricks. There was a plan to expand the café to have a stage for the talented junior magicians to do their stunts, but due to Ahmed’s busy life with his shows in other countries, he closed the café with an intention to re-establish it again in the future.

Accidents and injuries[edit]

On summer 2006, while rehearsing an illusion called "Escape" El Bayed was handcuffed inside a box in which a heavy object would fall.

Achievements and awards[edit]

  • Received the Elegant Oscar of 2009[12] for his performance and elegancy in Abu Dhabi Elegant Show, UAE.[13]


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