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Ahmed Helmy
Born Ahmed Muhammad Helmy Awwad
(1970-11-18) November 18, 1970 (age 44)
Banha, Egypt
Occupation Actor, television host, voice actore in anime
Years active 1993–present
Spouse(s) Mona Zaki (2002–present)

Lily Helmy

Saleem Helmy

Ahmed Muhammad Helmy Awwad (Arabic: أحمد محمد حلمي عواد‎) is an Egyptian comedian and drama actor.[citation needed] He is married to the Egyptian actress Mona Zaki and they have a daughter named Lilly born in 2003.


Helmy was born in Benha, Egypt. He graduated from the Higher institute of Dramatic Arts in Egypt, from the decoration department[when?]. Ahmed also graduated of the Academy of Arts, High Institute for Theatre Art in 1993.[citation needed]

As an actor and performer, Helmy is notable for his fast-thinking and witty comedy.[citation needed] His career in mainstream Egyptian film began when director Sherif Arafa spotted him on the children's program Leib Eyal (Kids' Play) on the Egyptian Satellite Broadcast[citation needed]. Sherif found in him the comedian actor he was looking for to star his film, Aboud Ala El Hodoud (Aboud at the Frontier). In that film Helmy made his first big screen appearance, co-starring alongside Alaa Waley El Din. Thereafter, he quickly made a jump to leading roles in films such as Omar 2000, El Nazer (The Headmaster), El Selem We Al Tho'ban (Snakes And Ladders).[1]

In 2007, Helmy topped the Egyptian comedian market in number of audience and revenue, mostly due to the success of his movie Keda Reda.

Ahmed Helmi ambassador for UN World Food Programme[edit]

Egyptian actor Ahmed Helmi has previously collaborated with the United Nations World Food Programme(WFP)to help promote its "Food for Education" project launched in association with the "Chipsy" food products company.[2]

Ahmed's sickness[edit]

He was diagnosed with cancer and was treated in 2014 by removing the tumor from a muscle in his back..[3]

Ahmed Helmy and Arabs got talent[edit]

Ahmed Helmy was a judge on the Arab talent show for its third season. He joins the Lebanese singer Nagwa Karam, the Lebanese journalist and TV personality Ali Jaber, and the Saudi comedian Nasser el Qasabi. MBC has confirmed that he will stay as a judge for the show's upcoming fourth season.

Acting career[edit]


No. Year Movie Role
1 1999 Abboud Ala El Hodood (Abboud Above the Borders) Sa'eed
2 2000 El Nazer (The Head Teacher) Atef
3 2000 Omar 2000 Sa'eed
4 2000 Leh Khaletny Ahebbak (Why Did You Make Me Love You) Zakaria
5 2001 55 Ess'af' (55 Ambulance)' Maree
7 2001 El Sellem Wel Te'ban (Snakes and Ladders) Ahmad
8 2001 Rehlet Hob (A Love Trip) Ramzy
9 2003 Sahar El Layaly (Sleepless Nights) Omar
10 2003 Mido Mashakel (Mido the Troublemaker) Mido - Hamed
11 2004 Saye' Bahr Hassan Atta Abdel Rehim (Hanteera)
12 2005 Zaki Chan Zaki
13 2005 Zarf Tarek (Tarek's Emergancy Case) Tarek El Wakeel - Omar Abo El Wafa
14 2006 Ga'alatny Mogreman (She Made Me a Criminal) Roshdy Abaza
15 2007 Matab Sena'y (A Street Bump) Mimi - Galal Kamel Noureldine El Beshbishi
16 2007 Keda Reda (This a Satisfaction) Reda Hindi El Banhawy - Semsem - Prince - Bibo
17 2008 Assef Ala El Ez'ag (Sorry for the Distribution Hassan Salah El Deen Zidan
18 2009 Alf Mabrouk (Congratulations) Ahmed Galal Abd El Qawy
19 2010 Assal Eswed (Black Honey) Masry Sayed El Araby
20 2010 Bolbol Hayran (Bolbol is Confused Bolbol - Nabil Mass'oud
21 2011 X-Large Magdy Mekkawy
22 2013 'ala Gossety (Never Til My Death Ra'ouf [Raúf]
23 2014 Sone'a Fe Masr (Made in Egypt) Alaa