Ahmed Mazhar

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Ahmed Mazhar
Born (1917-10-08)October 8, 1917
Cairo, Egypt,
Died May 8, 2002(2002-05-08) (aged 84)
Cairo, Egypt

Ahmed Hafez Mazhar (October 8, 1917 – May 8, 2002) was an Egyptian actor. He graduated from the military academy in 1938 and his colleagues included Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Sadat. Mazhar won many medals in international competitions in equestrianism, fencing, boxing and shooting.[citation needed]


His acting career started in 1951 when he was picked for a role in Zehour Al-Islam because of his riding skills and his proper pronunciation of classical Arabic. In 1957 he retired as commander of the special cavalry units and decided to explore his acting talents.

Mazhar's real breakthrough in the world of acting came after he succeeded in playing the role of an evil prince in the famous movie Roda Qalbi (return my heart) which was his third movie. Other roles soon followed, among which were:

  • Al-Tarik Al-Masdood (the blocked road) in 1958
  • Al-Ataba Al-Khadraa in 1959
  • Doaa al-Karawan in 1959.
  • Wa Islamah in 1961
  • Al-Dowa Al-Khafet in 1961
  • Ghadan Youm Akhar in 1961

These were later followed by roles in:

He also starred in an American movie named "Cairo" with George Sanders and Faten Hamama and other Egyptian actors.

It was after 4 more years that Mazhar appeared in Chafika et Metwal alongside Suad Husni. Other films like Al-Nemr Al-Aswad, Demoue Sahebat El-Galalah and Al-Gasousa Hekmat Fahmy soon followed.


Ahmed Mazhar died at the age of 85 in his country house in Giza, after making around 150 films.