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Ahmet Ümit (born 1960 in Gaziantep, and raised there) is a Turkish author and poet best known for his work crime novels in thrillers.[1]

Ahmet Ümit
Ahmet Ümit 2011.jpg
Born 1960
Occupation Novelist
Notable works "A Momento for İstanbul"
"Sultanı Öldürmek"


Born in Gaziantep in 1960. Finished his Primary, Middle and High School there. In 1983, he graduated in Public Administration from Marmara University, and he wrote his first story in the same year. Between 1985 and 1986, he was educated at the Moscow Social Sciences Academy. Ahmet Ümit started his literary life with short stories but his first work about literature was a poetry book named “Sokağın Zulası”, published in 1989.

In 1990, with a group of literature lovers, he published an artificial (Mannerist?) magazine named “Hişt”. He published his poems, stories and works in some artificial magazines and newspapers such as Adam Sanat, Hişt, Öküz ve Cumhuriyet Kitap and Yeni Yüzyıl

His first book of short stories,“Çıplak Ayaklıydı Gece“, was published in 1992. That year, he won the Ferit Oğuz Bayır Art Award for that book. Çıplak Ayaklıydı Gece was the book that introduced Ahmet Ümit to the public and also made thrillers popular.[citation needed]

In 1994 he wrote the script for "Çakalların İzinde", broadcast on ATV. Then in 1995 he wrote some criticism and other articles about authors such as Franz Kafka, Dostoyevski, Patricia Highsmith, Edgar Allan Poe and thriller writers in various newspapers and magazines. His novel "Sis ve Gece" was very exciting and one of his best books. "Sis ve Gece" was extremely popular in Turkey but also became controversial. It was published in Greece and it was the first Turkish Thriller to be translated into any foreign language.[citation needed] Also TV series were made from his stories "Karanlıkta Koşanlar" and "Şeytan Ayrıntıda Gizlidir" by well-known producers and a film was made from "Sis ve Gece" by Turgut Yasalar.

"İstanbul Hatırası" was published on 4 June 2010.


  • Sokağın Zulası (1989)
  • Çıplak Ayaklıydı Gece (1992)
  • Bir Ses Böler Geceyi (1994)
  • Masal Masal İçinde (1995)
  • Sis ve Gece (1996)
  • Agatha'nın Anahtarı (1999)
  • Kar Kokusu (1998)
  • Patasana (2000)
  • Şeytan Ayrıntıda Gizlidir (2002)
  • Kukla (2002)
  • Beyoğlu Rapsodisi (2003)
  • Aşk Köpekliktir (2004)
  • Başkomser Nevzat, Çiçekçinin Ölümü (2005)
  • Kavim (2006)
  • Ninatta'nın Bileziği (2006)
  • İnsan Ruhunun Haritası (2007)
  • Olmayan Ülke (2008)
  • Bab-ı Esrar (2008)
  • İstanbul Hatırası (2010)
  • Sultanı Öldürmek (2012)
  • Beyoğlu'nun En Güzel Abisi (2013)


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