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Ahoada (correctly spelt Ehuda) is an Ekpeye people city in and an administrative subdivision of Rivers State, Nigeria, located northwest of Port Harcourt. The Ahoada region is divided into two Local Government Areas: Ahoada East, with its seat in Ahoada, and Ahoada West, with its seat in Akinima.

The Ekpeye (an Igbo group) are the indigenous people of Ahoada where the Ekpeye dialect is spoken. The city of Ahoada has offices for several of the state and federal departments, with a post office, and telegraphy and telephone exchange. There is an all-weather road to Port Harcourt International Airport from the city.

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Coordinates: 5°05′N 6°39′E / 5.083°N 6.650°E / 5.083; 6.650