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אֲחֻזָּם, אחוזם
Hebrew transcription(s)
 • unofficial Ahuzzam
Ahuzam is located in Israel
Coordinates: 31°33′14.39″N 34°46′11.27″E / 31.5539972°N 34.7697972°E / 31.5539972; 34.7697972Coordinates: 31°33′14.39″N 34°46′11.27″E / 31.5539972°N 34.7697972°E / 31.5539972; 34.7697972
Council Lakhish
Region Hevel Lakhish
Founded October 30, 1950
Founded by Ma'agalim organization
Population (2012) 500[1]
Name meaning Named after Biblical character

Ahuzam, or Ahuzzam (Hebrew: אֲחֻזָּם) is a moshav in the Lakhish Regional Council in the Southern District of Israel. It is located about 5 km south of Kiryat Gat. There are 137 families living in Ahuzam.[2]

Ahuzam was founded on October 30, 1950 by immigrants from Morocco, members of the Ma'agalim society. It was associated with the Hapoel HaMizrachi movement,[3]but is now a mixed religious and secular community.[4]

The moshav was originally named Ma'agalim but renamed after the biblical Ahuzam, son of Ashur, the father or founder of Tekoa, who may have lived in this area[5] (1 Book of Chronicles 4:6). [6]


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