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אֲחֻזָּם, אחוזם
Hebrew transcription(s)
 • unofficial Ahuzzam
Ahuzam is located in Israel
Coordinates: 31°33′14.39″N 34°46′11.27″E / 31.5539972°N 34.7697972°E / 31.5539972; 34.7697972Coordinates: 31°33′14.39″N 34°46′11.27″E / 31.5539972°N 34.7697972°E / 31.5539972; 34.7697972
Council Lakhish
Region Hevel Lakhish
Founded October 30, 1950
Founded by Ma'agalim organization
Population (2012) 500[1]
Name meaning Named after Biblical character

Ahuzam, or Ahuzzam (Hebrew: אֲחֻזָּם) is a moshav in the Lakhish Regional Council in the Southern District of Israel. It is located about 5 km south of Kiryat Gat. There are 137 families living in Ahuzam.[2]

Ahuzam was founded on October 30, 1950 by immigrants from Morocco, members of the Ma'agalim society. It was associated with the Hapoel HaMizrachi movement,[3] but is now a mixed religious and secular community.[4]

The moshav was originally named Ma'agalim but renamed after the biblical Ahuzam, son of Ashur, the father or founder of Tekoa, who may have lived in this area (1 Book of Chronicles 4:6). [5]


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