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Cablecar ascending Ai-Petri
Elevation 1,234.2 m (4,049 ft)
Ai-Petri is located in Autonomous Republic Crimea
Range Crimean Mountains
Coordinates 44°27′4″N 34°3′10″E / 44.45111°N 34.05278°E / 44.45111; 34.05278Coordinates: 44°27′4″N 34°3′10″E / 44.45111°N 34.05278°E / 44.45111; 34.05278

Ai-Petri (Ukrainian: Ай-Петрі, Russian: Ай-Петри, Crimean Tatar: Ay Petri); (translated from Greek. Saint Peter) is a peak in the Crimean Mountains. For administrative purposes it is in the Yalta municipality of Crimea.

The name has Greek origin, and is translated as St. Peter (Greek: Άγιος Πέτρος).

Ai-Petri is one of the windiest places in Crimea. The wind blows for 125 days a year, reaching a speed of 50 m/s (110 mph).[1]

The peak is located above the city of Alupka and the town of Koreiz.

There is a Cable Car that takes passengers from a station near Alupka to the main area in Ai-Petri, which costs about 60 грн for adults and 30 грн for children, one way.



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