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Ai FM Logo.png
Broadcast area Malaysia
Branding Ai FM
Format Talk, Contemporary hits
Language(s) Mandarin

Ai FM (Chinese name: 爱 FM, literally "Love FM"), formerly known as Radio 5 and Radio Malaysia Saluran 5 (Radio Malaysia Channel 5) is a national Chinese radio station operated by Radio Televisyen Malaysia established in 1934. It is broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For 62 years, it is Malaysia's only Chinese-language radio station. The monopoly was broken in 1996-97 when Redi FM began broadcasting as a trilingual radio station, which was later changed into a full-fledged Chinese-language radio station.

Radio programme[edit]

  • News is broadcast from RTM news centre every hour, usually 10-minute full bulletins every odd hours and 3-minute bulletins for even hours.
  • 6 am to 10 am: Ai Aksi (爱谈天下事, "Love Talking World Affairs")
    • A talk show on the national and international current issues and news. Hosted by Lih Jinn, Seow Fun and Seau Wei (Rachael).
  • 10 am to 3 pm: Ai Ceria (爱生活, "Love Life")
    • A programme on daily life with experts sharing experiences and knowledge on life, family and relationship on weekdays. A literature and children programme is broadcast on weekends. Hosted by Mun Meng and Pei Yin on weekdays, Su Fen (Tiffany) on weekends.
  • 3 pm to 7 pm: Ai Sembang (爱鲜帮, "Love Fresh Club")
    • "PK" Kok Choon pairs up with another DJ to discuss topics with listeners via SMS, Facebook and phone calls. News headlines will also be shared on air together with sports headlines. Hosted mainly by Kok Choon and joined by Seow Fun, Eddie Lai and Lip Kiong.
    • In the weekends, the Top 20 Chinese Pop Chart and Top 10 Local Chart are announced, together with programmes on fashion, style and the local music scene. Hosted by Lih Jinn, Eddie Lai, Picky and Lip Kiong.
  • 7 pm to 11 pm: Ai Blog (爱无界, "Love Without Boundaries")
    • A music programme with non-mainstream songs of various genres on weekdays, and insightful programmes in the weekends. Hosted by Keat Aun, Picky and Seow Fun.
  • 11 pm to 3 am: Ai Ria (爱耍Young, "Love Playing Young")
    • A programme with games and jokes played with call-in listeners and occasional invited guests. Hosted by Lip Kiong, Picky and Eddie Lai.
  • 3 am to 6 am: Ai Malam (爱不打烊, "Love Not Winding Down")
    • Songs and musics throughout the segment, with repeated programmes at 5 am.

Radio frequency[edit]

State City/Region FM frequency
Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur 89.3
Selangor Rest of 106.7
Negeri Sembilan All 89.7
Selangor Southern 89.7
Federal Terrtory Putrajaya 89.7
Terengganu Kuala Terengganu 90.5
Pahang Jerantut 90.7
Sarawak Kuching 90.7
Kelantan Jeli 91.6
Kelantan Rest of 91.6
Sabah Lahad Datu 91.7
Sabah Kota Kinabalu 91.9
Perak Ipoh & Central 92.1
Perak Southern 106.7
Federal Territory Labuan 92.3
Sabah Tenom 92.3
Sarawak Kapit 92.7
Sabah Sandakan 95.1
Terengganu Besut 97.8
Terengganu Rest of 97.8
Sabah Kudat 98.1
Sabah Tawau 98.1
Kelantan Northern 99.3
Sarawak Bintulu 99.3
Johor Northern 100.4
Malacca All 100.4
Kedah All 101.3
Penang All 101.3
Perlis All 101.3
Sarawak Limbang 102.3
Brunei All 103.3
Sarawak Sibu 103.5
Johor Southern & Central 104.9
Singapore All 104.9
Sarawak Miri 105.3
Sarawak Sri Aman 105.3
Kelantan Kota Bharu 105.7
Pahang Eastern 106.1
Pahang Cameron Highlands 103.5
Pahang Kuantan 106.1
Perak Taiping & Northern 106.1
Pahang Western 106.7

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