Ai no Sono (Touch My Heart!)

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"Ai no Sono (Touch My Heart!)"
Single by Morning Musume Otomegumi
Released September 18, 2003 (CD)
October 16, 2003 (Single V)
Format CD single, DVD single
Recorded 2003
Genre Japanese pop
Label Zetima
EPBE-5094 (Single V)
Writer(s) Tsunku
Producer(s) Tsunku
Morning Musume Otomegumi singles chronology
"Ai no Sono (Touch My Heart!)"
"Yūjō: Kokoro no Busu ni wa Naranee!"

"Ai no Sono (Touch My Heart!)" (愛の園 ~~Touch My Heart!~ Garden of Love: Touch My Heart!?) is the first single of the J-pop idol group Morning Musume subgroup Morning Musume Otomegumi. In addition to the title song and its karaoke version, the single also contains a Morning Musume Otomegumi version of the earlier Morning Musume song "Dekkai Uchū ni Ai ga Aru",[1] which was originally a b-side on the "The Peace!" single.[2] Morning Musume Sakuragumi also did a version of "Dekkai Uchū ni Ai ga Aru" at the same time as Morning Musume Otomegumi on the "Hare Ame Nochi Suki" single.[3]

Track listing[edit]

All songs are written and composed by Tsunku and are arranged by Suzuki Shunsuke.


  1. "Ai no Sono (Touch My Heart!)" (愛の園 ~Touch My Heart!~?)
  2. "Dekkai Uchū ni Ai ga Aru (Morning Musume Otomegumi Version)" (でっかい宇宙に愛がある(モーニング娘。おとめ組 Version)?)
  3. "Ai no Sono (Touch My Heart!)" (Instrumental)

Single V DVD[edit]

  1. "Ai no Sono: Touch My Heart"
  2. "Ai no Sono (Touch My Heart!) (Tsuki no Otome Version)" (愛の園 ~Touch My Heart!~ (月夜のおとめ Version)?)
  3. "Making Of" (メイキング映像?)

Members at the time of single[edit]

Musical personnel[edit]


Release Chart Peak position Chart run
September 18, 2003 Oricon Daily Singles Chart
2nd rank
20 days
September 18, 2003 Oricon Weekly Singles Chart
3rd rank
8 weeks
September 18, 2003 CDTV Weekly Top 100 Singles Chart
3rd rank
6 weeks


In television shows[edit]

In concerts[edit]

Concert title Filming date Release
Hello! Project 2004 Winter ~C'MON! Dance World~ (Hello! Project 2004Winter ~C'MON! ダンスワールド~?) 2004-01-03 to 2004-01-25 2004-03-17
Morning Musume Otome Gumi Hatsukouen ~Otomechikku~ (モーニング娘。おとめ組~おとめチック~?) 2004-03-20 2004-06-09]
Morning Musume Concert Tour 2004 Haru The Best of Japan (モーニング娘。CONCERT TOUR 2004 春 The BEST of Japan?) - 2004-07-14
Melon Kinenbi Live Tour 2004 Natsu ~Gokujou Melon~ (メロン記念日ライブツアー 2004夏 ~極上メロン~?) 2004-08-15 2004-11-26
Hello! Project 2005 Winter All-Stars Dairanbu ~A Happy New Power! Iida Kaori Sotsugyo Special~ (Hello! Project 2005 Winter オールスターズ大乱舞 ~A HAPPY NEW POWER! 飯田圭織卒業スペシャル~?) 2005-01-29 to 2005-01-30 2005-03-16
Hello Pro Party! 2006 ~Goto Maki Captain Kouen~ (ハロ☆プロパーティ~!2006~後藤真希キャプテン公演~?) 2006-04-16 2006-07-05
Hello! Project Tour Winter 2007 ~Wonderful Hearts Otome Gokoro~ (Hello! Project 2007 Winter ~ワンダフルハーツ 乙女 Gocoro~?) 2007-01-02 to 2007-01-21 TBR


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