Aichi Gakuin University

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Aichi Gakuin University
Aichi Gakuin University
Aichi Gakuin University
Established 1876 (1876)
Type Private
Academic staff
513 [1]
Students 11,670
Undergraduates 10,772
Postgraduates 523
Location Nisshin, Aichi
Chikusa-ku, Nagoya
, Japan
35°09′43″N 137°02′49″E / 35.162°N 137.047°E / 35.162; 137.047 (Nisshin campus)
Campus Multiple campuses
Nickname AGU
Aichi Gakuin Kusumoto Main Gate

Aichi Gakuin University (愛知学院大学 Aichi gakuin daigaku?) is a private university in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. It has campuses at the city of Nisshin, Aichi and Chikusa-ku, Nagoya. The predecessor of the university, a Soto Zen college, was founded in 1876; 139 years ago (1876), and it was chartered as a university in 1953. It is sister school to two other universities originating in Soto Zen institutions, Komazawa University in Tokyo and Tohoku Fukushi University in Sendai.

Faculties and Departments[2][edit]

  • Faculty of Letters (文学部)
    • Department of History (歴史学科)
    • Department of English Language and Cultures (英語英米文化学科)
    • Department of Global English (グローバル英語学科)
    • Department of Japanese Culture (日本文化学科)
    • Department of Religious Culture (宗教文化学科)
  • Faculty of Psychological and Physical Science (心身科学部)
    • Department of Psychology (心理学科)
    • Department of Health Science (健康科学科)
    • Department of Health and Nutrition (健康栄養学科)
  • Faculty of Business and Commerce (商学部)
    • Department of Business and Commerce (商学科)
  • Faculty of Management (経営学部)
    • Department of Management (経営学科)
  • Faculty of Economics (経済学部)
    • Department of Economics (経済学科)
  • Faculty of Law (法学部)
    • Department of Law (法律学科)
    • Department of Law and Contemporary Society (現代社会法学科)
  • Faculty of Policy Studies (総合政策学部)
    • Department of Policy Studies (総合政策学科)
  • School of Pharmacy (薬学部)
    • Department of Pharmacy (医療薬学科)
  • School of Dentistry (歯学部)
    • Department of Dentistry (歯学科)
  • Junior College (短期大学部)
    • Department of Dental Hygiene (歯科衛生学科)
  • Division of Liberal Arts and Sciences (教養部)


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