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Aiden Shaw
Life Ball 2013 - magenta carpet Aiden Shaw 02a.jpg
Aiden Shaw (Life Ball 2013)
Born Aiden Finbar Brady
(1966-02-22) 22 February 1966 (age 48)
Harrow, London, United Kingdom
Occupation Author, Model, Actor, Activist, Singer, Poet, & Musician/song-writer/producer, music video director, Artist
Years active 1990–present

Aiden Shaw (born Aiden Finbar Brady,[1] 22 February 1966, Harrow, Middlesex, United Kingdom) is a British author, musician, music video director, model and actor former gay pornographic film actor.[2]

Early life[edit]

Shaw was born in Harrow, London, on 22 February 1966, the sixth of seven children in an Irish Catholic family. At 14, he began dressing in an "alternative" way, taking an interest in the New Romantic, Punk, & Goth fashion/youth culture scenes that were prominent at that time. At 16 he enrolled on a two-year Creative Arts foundation course at Nelson and Colne College. Then he spent two years at Manchester Youth Theatre. Afterwards he embarked on an Expressive Arts degree at the then Brighton Polytechnic (now University of Brighton), but after only a year he transferred to Harrow College of Higher Education to study Film, Television, Photography & Video. After leaving college he worked for a time directing and art-directing music videos for bands such as Peter Hook's (bass player of New Order) off-shoot project Dead Beat.

Porn career[edit]

Changing his last name, Shaw began working in gay porn in the early 1990s. Since then he has appeared in over 50 films, often working with director Chi-Chi LaRue. In 1991, he won the award for Best Newcomer at the Adult Erotic Gay Video Awards. He retired from the porn industry in 1999 though made a brief reappearance in 2003-04.

Literary work[edit]

In 1991, Shaw collaborated with the New York artist Mark Beard to produce a limited edition publication named Aiden. Beard had been sharing a London flat with Shaw at the time. The book included several portraits (mainly nude and semi-nude) of Shaw, with text written by Beard and Shaw (who at that time was still known by his birth name of Aiden Brady).[1]

However, it was not until 1996 that Shaw wrote his first novel, Brutal. Also in 1996, The Bad Press published a collection of his poems, If Language at the Same Time Shapes and Distorts our Ideas and Emotions, How do we Communicate Love?[3] He wrote two more novels; Boundaries (1997) and Wasted (2001), and an autobiography, My Undoing (2006) in which he openly discusses his life in the sex industry as a porn star and as a prostitute, his drug addiction (particularly crystal meth), and his HIV status (Shaw was diagnosed HIV positive in 1997).[4][5] In 2007, Shaw completed an MA in Creative Writing at Goldsmiths University of London, following which he completed a second autobiography, Sordid Truths (2009).


Shaw has two albums of music to his credit, performing lead vocals on Whatever, created by working with his band of the same name. He also wrote and produced performance artist Nina Silvert on Nina Silvert does Aiden Shaw. Shaw also directed music videos to accompany several of the tracks Fear, Yeah Yeah Yeah and I Like You, which was shot by videographer Simon Boothe.


With the rise of 'fashion films' many brands are utilising Shaw's acting abilities BYTOM are one such brand, El Burgués another. Two fashion labels have taken teh 'fashion film' to a higher level, the first 'Immortal' for young designers Sorapol , which has narration by Stephen Fry. The Second Uniforms For The Dedicated, which is narrated by Shaw himself, with some original text penned by himself. His IMDB profile attests to some full length films in which he's appeared in the last few years.

Music video appearances[edit]

SARH - URQUINAONA (Official Video)

Sarh - Sailing With Lost Souls - (Official Video)

Bloom Twins "Blue"

Recent activity[edit]

In 2011, Shaw trained to become a qualified English teacher. He also modelled for GQ magazine in Berlin. It was in this publication that he was spotted by and signed to Success Models in Paris. He currently resides in Barcelona, where he is represented by Sight Management. Since 2014 Shaw is also represented In the States by New York based IMG models. In 2013 he was the face of Polish fashion company Bytom and Buenos Aires fashion brand El Burgues. His popularity seems to be increasing with age. He has over 1/3 of a million twitter followers on @aidenshaw. Many follow him to see his model pic updates. However he also uses social media, both @aidenshaw and Facebook as platforms to draw attention to political, social and health issues that concern him from veganism, deforestation, slavery, corruption & greed, or just cruelty (to man or animal) in general. Equally, he usues them to bring awareness of charities he supports, Allsorts (being one of his personal favourites), which is a project based in Brighton, England which endeavours to support and empower young people under 26 who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans* or unsure (LGBTU) of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Published works[edit]

  • Brutal (Millivres Books, 1996) ISBN 1-873741-24-3
  • If Language at the Same Time Shapes and Distorts Our Ideas and Emotions, How Do We Communicate Love? (The Bad Press, 1996) ISBN 0-9517233-4-0
  • Boundaries (Brighton: Millivres Prowler Group 1997) ISBN 1-873741-48-0
  • Wasted (Brighton: Millivres Prowler Group, 2001) ISBN 1-902852-34-6
  • My Undoing: Love in the Thick of Sex, Drugs, Pornography, and Prostitution (New York: Carroll & Graf, 2006) ISBN 0-7867-1743-2
  • Sordid Truths: Selling My Innocence for a Taste of Stardom (Alyson Books, 2009) ISBN 1-59350-137-4

Selected filmography[edit]

  • Perfect Fit
  • Addiction: Part 1
  • Addiction: Part 2
  • Hot Wired 2
  • Blockbuster Cocks
  • Descent
  • The Backroom
  • Boot Black II: Spit Shine
  • Forced Entry
  • Hardbody Video Magazine 4
  • New Pledgemaster
  • Bad Brad's Hush
  • Break Away
  • Grease Guns
  • Mess Hall Maneuvers
  • Roll in the Hay
  • The Best of Aiden Shaw
  • Raw: Bad Brad's Erotic Remix
  • License to Thrill
  • On the Mark
  • Summer Buddies
  • Black Leather White Studs
  • Command Performance
  • Dirty Dreaming
  • Disconnected
  • Grand Prize
  • Hot Pursuit
  • Midnight Sun
  • Night Force


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