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For the Japanese district, see Aiko District, Kanagawa.
Gender Female
Language(s) Japanese
Other names
Variant form(s) あいこ, アイコ

Aiko (あいこ, アイコ?) is a female Japanese given name.

Aiko is also a male given name in Scandinavia and especially northern Germany. It is a variation of the name Ekke or Eike.

Possible meanings[edit]

The meaning varies depending on the kanji used to write it. Several written forms include:

  • 愛子 — Love and child, child of love
  • 藍子 — Indigo and child, tinctoria child. Its meaning, "child who is superior to parents", on Japanese proverb, 'Blue dye is made from tinctoria'.
  • 愛幸 — Love fortune.
  • 葵子 — Hollyhock and child, the same kanji can be used to write Riko and Kiko as well as the more similar Aoko, Aoiko, and Ako.

Aiko may refer to:



  • Aiko, an anime-style 3D figure created by DAZ3D
  • Aiko Senoo (妹尾 あいこ), a character of the shōjo anime Ojamajo Doremi
  • Aiko Tanaka (愛子 田中), a character and the primary love interest of the slice of life manga Oyasumi Punpun.

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