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For the 2007 film, see Ein Shams (film).

Ain Shams or Ein Shams (Arabic: عين شمسpronounced [ʕeːn ʃæms]) is a suburb of Cairo, Egypt. The name means "eye of the sun" in Arabic, with reference to the fact that Ain Shams is built on top of the ancient city of Heliopolis, once the spiritual centre of ancient Egyptian sun-worship.

According to the 10th century Jewish biblical commentator, Saadia Gaon, Ain Shams is the identity of the biblical Egyptian treasure city of Raamses.[1]

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Coordinates: 30°07′46.3″N 31°17′20″E / 30.129528°N 31.28889°E / 30.129528; 31.28889