Air Algérie Flight 6289

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Air Algérie Flight 6289
Air Algerie Boeing 737-200 Marmet-1.jpg
An Air Algérie Boeing 737-200 similar to the aircraft involved in the accident.
Accident summary
Date 6 March 2003
Summary Engine Failure on Take-Off (EFTO)
Site Tamanrasset, Algeria
Passengers 97
Crew 6
Injuries (non-fatal) 1
Fatalities 102
Survivors 1
Aircraft type Boeing 737-200
Operator Air Algérie
Registration 7T-VEZ
Flight origin Tamanrasset Airport
Stopover Ghardaia
Destination Noumerate Airport

Air Algérie Flight 6289, operated by a Boeing 737-200, was an Air Algérie scheduled passenger service between Tamanrasset and Algiers via Ghardaia on 6 March 2003. At 3:45 p.m. local time (1445 GMT), the flight attempted departure from the southern Algerian city of Tamanrasset. The aircraft veered off the runway during takeoff and crashed some 600 feet (180 m) from the centerline. Witnesses reported seeing one of the 737's engines in flames as it took off. All but one of the 97 passengers and all of the six crew members perished, a total of 102 people. The only survivor of the accident was 28-year-old Youcef Djillali.[1]

Cause of the crash[edit]

As the aircraft was departing, it experienced engine failure in one engine. The captain took over control of the aircraft. The copilot asked permission to retract the landing gear, but this request went unanswered. No adjustments were made to the speed or rate of climb of the aircraft, which stalled and crashed in nearby rocky terrain. Investigators noted the lack of preparedness on the part of the air crew who worked the flight, and the unsuitability of the rocky ground near the airfield for emergency landings.[2]


Nationality Passengers Crew Total
Algeria 78 6 84
Canada 5 0 5
France 9 0 9
Germany 1 0 1
Japan 1 0 1
Netherlands 2 0 2
United Kingdom 1 0 1
Total 97 6 103

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