Air Chathams

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Air Chathams
Air Chathams logo.png
Founded 1984
Operating bases Chatham Islands Airport
Fleet size 9
Destinations 5
Headquarters Chatham Islands
Key people Craig Emeny (CEO)

Air Chathams Limited is an airline based in Te One, the Chatham Islands, New Zealand.[2] It was established in 1984 and operates scheduled passenger services between the Chatham Islands and the North and South islands of New Zealand, as well as local charters. Its main base is Chatham Islands / Tuuta Airport.[3] A fully owned subsidiary (Chathams Pacific) operated scheduled flights in Tonga until March 2013. The introduction of Chinese aid financed aircraft and training facilities made the continuation of Chathams Pacific impossible.[4] Air Chathams will begin serving the Auckland to Whakatane route from April 2015.[5]



Air Chathams Convair 580 at Tuuta Airport, Chatham Islands in September 2003
Air Chathams at Wellington, 21 May 2007

As at December 2012, the Air Chathams fleet includes the following aircraft:

Air Chathams Fleet
Aircraft Total Passengers
Convair 580 3 50
DC-3 1 25
Fairchild Metro III 1 19
Beechcraft Queen Air 65 2 8
Britten-Norman Islander 1 8
Cessna 206 1 5
Total 9

The Britten-Norman Islander and Beechcraft Queen Air aircraft were used exclusively by the Air Chathams subsidiary, Chathams Pacific, in Tonga. The Convair 580s and the Metro III are used across the company's operations as well as contract freight services and charter work. The Cessna 206 provides a non-regular service between Chatham Island and Pitt Island and is on standby for Search And Rescue or local flights around the Chatham Islands as well.[6]

Chathams Pacific's Tongan-based aircraft in December 2012[edit]

1 Convair 580 - 50 seats, fast, pressurised. Services Vava'u and Tongatapu and periodically Ha'apai

1 Metroliner - 18 seats, pressurised. Services Tongatapu and Vava'u

1 DC3 - 25 seats This vintage aircraft was totally restored and re-entered scheduled services in September 2010. Generally found on the Ha'apai route

2 Queen Airs – 8 seats. Operates on the lower traffic routes (Niuatoptapu and Niuafo'ou)

1 Islander – 8 seats. Operates across to 'Eua (one of the world’s shortest scheduled services at only 7 or 8 minutes in the air). Also used for scenic flying.

Photographs of these aircraft including the DC3 restoration project found on Chathams Pacific website.


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