Air Cortez

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Air Cortez
Commenced operations 1977
Ceased operations 1986
Operating bases

Air Cortez was a United States FAR 121 and 135 commuter airline that operated from 1977 to 1986. Air Cortez served a number of cities in Southern California, Arizona, and Baja California.


Air Cortez, also known as Air Cortez International, and as Tucan Air (Central America), was based at Ontario, California. Its cargo and passenger operations were based at Ontario Airport, and included scheduled and demand passenger and cargo service to most of the contiguous states, Jamaica, Panama, Mexico, Guatemala, Grand Bahama, Cuba, Honduras, Belize and the Channel Islands.

It operated a mixed fleet of Beechcraft D-18, E-18S, G-18S and H-18S, Cessna 401, 402, 404, 411, 414 and 421, and Fairchild F-27 and F-27J aircraft.

In 1986, the airline ceased operations.


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