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Air Force Amy
Air Force Amy 01.jpg
Height 5 ft 3 in (1.60 m)
Weight 115 lb (52 kg)

Air Force Amy is an American legal courtesan,[1] adult model, certified sexologist, sex & relationship coach, sex educator, author[2] and reality star TV in[3] the HBO television documentary series Cathouse: The Series. MSNBC has called her "a living legend in the world of sex."[4]


Legal prostitution[edit]

Three months prior to being discharged from the United States Air Force in 1990, Air Force Amy applied to the nearby Chicken Ranch brothel in Nevada, and worked continuously as a legal and licensed prostitute in legal brothels in Nevada. She has worked at the Chicken Ranch, the Mustang Ranch (from 1994 to 1997),[1] the Sagebrush Ranch,the Cherry Patch Ranch, Sheri's Ranch, the Kit Kat Guest Ranch, and the Moonlite Bunny Ranch since 2000.[2][5] As a legal Nevada prostitute, she works as an independent contractor who turns in half of her money made at the brothel to the house. She earns US$10,000 to $50,000 a month and is considered the most popular and highest earner at Moonlite Bunny Ranch [6] Amy persuaded her employer to offer a Military Appreciation Night: a special promotion for free sex to soldiers.[4]


Around the year 2000 Amy began to branch out in her sex worker career by appearing in pornographic magazines,-Penthouse Forum, Covergirl April 2014. - Penthouse Magazine, March 2014 • Hustler, March 2008 • Strip LV Magazine Jan, Feb, Mar, 2007 • Playboy Magazine, Jan 2006 • Gent, May 2004 • Cheri, January 2004 • Cheri, November 2003 • Vice Magazine, September 2003 • Gent, August 2003 • Over 40, Cover girl, May 2003. • Arena, May 200.3 • Hustler Hometown Girls, May 2002 • Hustler’s Busty-Summer spectacular 2002 • Maxim (German Edition), January 2002 • Spectator-Cover girl, June 2001 • Bordello Confidential Issues #1,2 and 3 • Adult Video News (AVN)-Cover girl, April 2002 • New Yorker (Money Edition) April 2001 • Marie Claire, Jan 2001 • Gent-Winter Extravaganza, 2001

Film, Television and Documentaries[edit]

Amy appeared a wide variety of TV talk shows, documentaries, specials, film, reality series and news reports • HBO “Best of Real Sex”. • The Playboy Channel, two different episodes of “Sexcetera”. • Fox Reality, Realitini Awards Show. • No Good TV. • Xmas Carolla Show with Adam Carolla. • “Night Calls” on Playboy Radio. • The Daily Show. • Comedy Central’s “Insomniacs” and two episodes of “The Man Show”. • ABC News, Nightline. • Fox News on The Live Desk Show with Martha McCallum. • Sean Hannity, “Hannitys’ America". • Tyra Banks. • Rita Crosby, ”Free sex for the Military”. • Howard Stern. • A BBC documentary airing now in London and my fan mail from there is astronomical. • Sci-Fi Channel, “Proof Positive”. • Jenny Jones. • Rikki Lake. • Walk or Talk. • Talk Soup, 4x including, The Best of “Year in review 2007″. • Ananda Lewis. • Bob Berkowitz. • Dr Drew. • USA network aired “Pornstars and their Pets”. • Judge Jeanine Pirro. • Warner Brothers Networks, “The Surreal World”.. • Fox News, CNN News, MSNBC. Amy regularly guests on various nationally syndicated radio shows. She is a frequent guest on Howard Stern, Lamont & Tonelli, and The Lex & Terry Show. She has written sex and relationship columns for Strip LV Magazine and ANE Weekly and a pornographic film, Lesbian Ho'Down at the Bunnyranch (2000), directed by Ron Jeremy.[2][5]

HBO Cathouse series[edit]

Air Force Amy was repeatedly featured in HBO's documentaries, Cathouse (2002), Cathouse 2 (2003), and Cathouse: The Series (2005), about the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. She was a prominent cast member in most episodes, and called "the all-time top earner" and "the master of the game".[3][7] The "She's Got Game" episode (season 1, episode 5, first aired July 14, 2005), was an in depth personal profile.[8] She also appeared in the 2004 BBC television program The Brothel, on the same subject,[9] and the 2005 documentary Pornstar Pets.[2][10]

Certified Sexologist[edit]

Amy has an Associate in Sex Education Certificate from The Institute For Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, a Clinical Sexology Certificate from The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. Amy is a Certified Sexologist, The American College of Sexologists, a Certified Love Coach - Loveologist, Loveology University.</ref>[2][2]

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