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Air Freight NZ
Founded July 1989 [1]
Operating bases Auckland, Christchurch and Palmerston North
Subsidiaries Kiwi Express Couriers
Fleet size 5
Destinations 3
Parent company Feildair Holdings
Headquarters Auckland, New Zealand

Air Freight NZ is a cargo airline based in Auckland, New Zealand. It operates scheduled overnight cargo services on behalf of owner Freightways Express. Domestic charter services are also operated. Its main base is Auckland Airport, with hubs at Christchurch International Airport and Palmerston North International Airport.[2]

Two Air Freight NZ Convair 580s at Auckland in 2009


The airline started operations in July 1989,[1] headed by William (Bill) Olsen. Its primary contract was with the courier division of Freightways Group. It is now wholly owned by Freightways Express. The Convair carries 11 cargons of freight on each trip. Despite its age the Convair is a great performer capable of transporting seven and a half tonnes of freight at 300 kts.[3][4]

Incidents and accidents[edit]

  • 3 October 2003: Air Freight NZ Convair 580, ZK-KFU, was lost off radar near the Kapiti Coast. Fatalities: 2.[5]
  • 31 July 1989: Air Freight NZ Convair 580, ZK-FTB, descended shortly after takeoff from Auckland Airport, colliding with a bank before crashing into Manukau Harbour. Fatalities: 3.[1][6]


Air Freight NZ operates freight services to the following destinations (at April 2013):[2] Auckland, Christchurch and Palmerston North. Air Freight operates seven northbound flights per night from Christchurch Airport.


The Air Freight NZ fleet consists of the following aircraft (at June 2014):[2]

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