Air Hamburg

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Air Hamburg
Air hamburg-logo.png
Founded 1997
Hubs Uetersen Airport
Frequent-flyer program Air Hamburg Executive Partner Card
Fleet size 12
Destinations 4 (scheduled)
Headquarters Hamburg, Germany
Key people Floris Helmers

Air Hamburg Luftverkehrsgesellschaft mbH (German for Air Hamburg Air Transport Ltd.) is a German airline based in Hamburg. It offers charter flights to German North Sea islands as well as international flights.


Since April 2001 Air Hamburg is a complete contractor in the aviation department, located in Hamburg.

The medium-size company employs 54 members of staff and owns a fleet of all together 25 aircraft. The company unites the following four businesses:

Air Hamburg[edit]

With their own fleet, consisting of twin-engined machines of the type Britten-Norman Islander and brand new Cessna 172 SP, AIR HAMBURG daily navigates in a scheduled air service, the North Sea islands from their base airport in Hamburg-Uetersen or alternatively the airport Fuhlsbüttel.

Air Hamburg Private Jets[edit]

Air Hamburg also operates a fleet of Cessna Citation Private Jet aircraft capable of flights to any destination. The Citation fleet contains the models: Citation 525, Citation Bravo and the flagship Citation XLS+. With the major jet you reach a location within a range of 2500 mi (non-stop) and a maximum speed of 500 mph.

Café Himmelsschreiber[edit]

AIR HAMBURG operates the Café Himmelsschreiber (skywriter) next to the general aviation centre (GAT) at the airport Fuhlsbuettel. With this location, the company can offer their aircraft passengers the comfort of an exclusive lounge before takeoff.

Flight School Hamburg[edit]

The Flight School Hamburg - one of the largest flight schools of the country - guarantees a qualified, solid training within the guidelines of JAR-FCL. The Flight School is one of the LBA accepted FTO (flight training organisation), which trains not only private- also professional and traffic pilots.

The following licenses can be acquired: PPL (A), IR (A), CPL (A) and ATPL (A). The pilot training takes place on 365 days a year. Approximately 100 flying students acquire their flight licence in the Flight School Hamburg annually.


Originally the two young entrepreneurs Floris Helmers and Alexander Lipsky conducted the Flight School Hamburg and enlarged it in the last years. Frequently the two were asked more often not only for flying hours, but for sightseeing and taxi flights to the North and East Frisian Islands. Because of that the company was extended with the name AIR HAMBURG with single and twin-engined aircraft for sightseeing- and island flights in 2005.

The island flight plan was extended already: Besides Sylt, the destinations reached out to Helgoland, Juist and Norderney.

There were more and more charter inquiries to destinations, which could not be offered with the fleet for the island air traffic due to the limited range. The result of this development was the logical step for the establishment of the brand AIR HAMBURG Private Jets with comfortable business jets, which are positioned at the airport Hamburg.


Air Hamburg offers business and leisure charter flights especially along the German North Sea coast and all across Europe from their base at Uetersen Airport.


Cessna 172 from Air Hamburg


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