Air Saint-Pierre

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Air Saint-Pierre
Air Saint-Pierre Logo.svg
Founded 1964[1]
Commenced operations 1965[1]
Hubs Saint Pierre Airport
Fleet size 2
Destinations 7
Parent company Privately owned[1]
Headquarters Saint-Pierre, France
Key people Rémy Briand, President

Air Saint-Pierre is a French airline based in Saint-Pierre, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, a French overseas collectivity. The airline operates scheduled services between the islands of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon-Langlade and to Canada. Its main base is Saint-Pierre Airport.[2]


Air Saint-Pierre was established on March 6, 1964, and started operations that same year. It was first used as a codeshare with Eastern Provincial Airways for use on their Saint Pierre to Sydney, Nova Scotia, route using a Douglas DC-3.[3]

The airline is wholly owned by the Briand family and has 41 employees.[2]


Air Saint-Pierre operates services to the following destinations:[4]


Inside the cabin of the Air Saint-Pierre Reims-Cessna F406, 15 May 2008

The Air Saint-Pierre fleet consists of the following aircraft (as of August 2010):[5]

Previously operated[edit]

Air Saint-Pierre has also used in the past:[3]


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