Aira Caldera

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Aira Caldera
Sakura-jima from space.jpg
Space radar image of Aira Caldera, with Sakurajima in the bay formed by the caldera.
Aira Caldera is located in Japan
Aira Caldera
Aira Caldera
Kagoshima, Japan
Coordinates 31°40′01″N 130°40′01″E / 31.667°N 130.667°E / 31.667; 130.667Coordinates: 31°40′01″N 130°40′01″E / 31.667°N 130.667°E / 31.667; 130.667
Type Caldera
Last eruption c. 22,000 years ago

Aira Caldera (姶良カルデラ Aira-Karudera?) is a gigantic volcanic caldera in the south of the island of Kyūshū, Japan. The caldera was created by a massive eruption, approximately 22,000 years ago. Eruption of voluminous pyroclastic flows accompanied the formation of the 17 × 23 km-wide Aira caldera. Together with a large pumice fall, these amounted to approximately 400 km3 of tephra (VEI 7).

The major city of Kagoshima and the 16,000-year-old Sakurajima volcano lie within the caldera. Sakura-jima, one of Japan's most active volcanoes, is a post-caldera cone of the Aira caldera at the northern half of Kagoshima Bay.