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Bell 212 aircrew from Alpine Helicopters scramble on a medevac mission.

Aircrew are personnel who operate an aircraft while in flight. The composition of the crew depends on the type of aircraft and the purpose of the flight.

Commercial aviation[edit]

The crew of a Jetstar airways Boeing 787

In commercial aviation, the aircrew are called Flight Crew. Names of flight crew were originally derived from nautical terms:

  • Aircraft cabin
    • Loadmaster, crew member on cargo aircraft responsible for loading freight and personnel and the weight and balance of the aircraft.
    • Purser or In-flight Service Manager is responsible for the cabin crew as a team leader.
    • Flight attendant or Cabin Crew, crew member responsible for the safety of passengers.


USAF, RAF and RAAF aircrew and maintenance personnel with their C-17s

From the start of military aviation, additional crew members have flown on military aircraft, over time these duties have expanded and become more specialised:

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