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Alberta electoral district
2004 boundaries
Defunct provincial electoral district
Legislature Legislative Assembly of Alberta
District created 2003
District abolished 2012
First contested 2004
Last contested 2008

Airdrie-Chestermere was a provincial electoral district in Alberta, Canada. It was mandated to return a single member to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta using the first past the post method of voting.

The district was located to the east of Calgary in southern Alberta. It was created in the 2004 boundary redistribution from the old riding of Airdrie-Rocky View. The riding has an urban rural mix. It was named after the city of Airdrie and the town of Chestermere. In addition the riding also covered Crossfield and the eastern half of Rocky View County as well as border areas of Calgary that have grown beyond into the district.

The voters in the district and its antecedents primarily supported Progressive Conservative candidates in the past, but other right leaning parties polled well. The first representative was Progressive Conservative Carol Haley who had previously represented Airdrie-Rocky View and the second was Rob Anderson who was elected as a Progressive Conservative in 2008 but crossed the floor to the Wildrose Alliance in early 2010.

The riding was abolished when the writ was dropped for the 2012 Alberta general election and the land covering is now split between the ridings of Airdrie and Chestermere-Rocky View.


Boundary history[edit]

Members of the Legislative Assembly for Airdrie-Chestermere[2]
Assembly Years Member Party
See Airdrie-Rocky View 1997-2004
26th 2004-2008 Carol Haley Progressive Conservative
27th 2008-2010 Rob Anderson
2010-2011 Wildrose Alliance
2011–present Wildrose

Electoral history[edit]

The electoral district was created in the 2004 boundary redistribution. The first election held that year saw Progressive Conservative incumbent Carol Haley who had previously represented the old riding's of Three Hills-Airdrie and Airdrie-Rocky View win the seat with a landslide over a crowded field of seven other candidates. She retired from office at dissolution in 2008.

The 2008 election saw Progressive Conservative candidate Rob Anderson sweep to office. He crossed the floor to the Wildrose Alliance on January 4, 2010 citing dissatisfaction with the Progressive Conservative government and Premier Ed Stelmach.

Election results[edit]

2004 general election[edit]

2004 Alberta general election results[3] Turnout 39.53% Swing
Affiliation Candidate Votes % Party Personal
     Progressive Conservative Carol Haley 6,842 57.77% *
     Liberal John Burke 1,633 13.79% *
Alberta Party Jeff Willerton 1,036 8.75%
     Alberta Alliance Bradley Gaida 758 6.40% *
New Democratic Grant Massie 569 4.80%
Green Angela Scully 434 3.66% *
Separation Bob Lefurgey 394 3.33%
     Social Credit Jerry Gautreau 178 1.50% *
Total 11,844
Rejected, spoiled, and declined 53
Eligible electors / Turnout 30,096  %
     Progressive Conservative pickup new district Swing N/A

2004 Senate nominee election district results[edit]

2004 Senate nominee election results: Airdrie-Chestermere[4] Turnout 37.53%
Affiliation Candidate Votes % Votes % Ballots Rank
     Progressive Conservative Bert Brown 5,846 19.10% 56.57% 1
     Progressive Conservative Betty Unger 3,918 12.80% 37.91% 2
     Progressive Conservative Jim Silye 3,739 12.22% 36.18% 5
     Progressive Conservative Cliff Breitkreuz 3,321 10.85% 32.14% 3
     Alberta Alliance Vance Gough 3,260 10.65% 31.55% 8
     Progressive Conservative David Usherwood 2,899 9.47% 28.05% 6
     Independent Link Byfield 2,598 8.49% 25.14% 4
     Alberta Alliance Michael Roth 1,849 6.04% 17.89% 7
     Alberta Alliance Gary Horan 1,703 5.57% 16.48% 10
     Independent Tom Sindlinger 1,470 4.81% 14.23% 9
Total Votes 30,603 100%
Total Ballots 10,334 2.96 Votes Per Ballot
Rejected, Spoiled and Declined 962

Voters had the option of selecting 4 Candidates on the Ballot

2008 general election[edit]

2008 Alberta general election results[5] Turnout 34.34% Swing
Affiliation Candidate Votes % Party Personal
     Progressive Conservative Rob Anderson 9,374 62.58% 4.81% *
     Wildrose Alliance Jeff Willerton 2,362 15.77% 9.37% 7.02%
     Liberal John Burke 1,973 13.17% -0.62%
Green David Brandreth 660 4.41% 0.75% *
New Democratic Bryan Young 609 4.07% -0.73%
Total 14,978
Rejected, spoiled, and declined 35
Eligible electors / Turnout 43,721  %
     Progressive Conservative hold Swing 7.09%

2004 Student Vote[edit]

Participating Schools[6]
Bert Church High School
Chestermere High School
Ecole Airdrie Middle School
George McDougall High School
Meadowbrook Middle School
Muriel Clayton Middle School
Our Lady Queen of Peace

On November 19, 2004 a Student Vote was conducted at participating Alberta schools to parallel the 2004 Alberta general election results. The vote was designed to educate students and simulate the electoral process for persons who have not yet reached the legal majority. The vote was conducted in 80 of the 83 provincial electoral districts with students voting for actual election candidates. Schools with a large student body that reside in another electoral district had the option to vote for candidates outside of the electoral district then where they were physically located.

2004 Alberta Student Vote results[7]
Affiliation Candidate Votes %
     Progressive Conservative Carol Haley 652 39.16%
Green Angela Scully 308 18.50%
New Democratic Grant Massie 186 11.17%
     Liberal John Burke 175 10.51%
Separation Bob Lefurgey 137 8.23%
     Alberta Alliance Bradley Gaida 85 5.11%
Alberta Party Jeff Willerton 77 4.62%
     Social Credit Jerry Gautreau 45 2.70%
Total 1,665 100%
Rejected, Spoiled and Declined 53


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